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Onvis SMS1, the HomeKit motion sensor that measures temperature and humidity – on offer

Onvis SMS1, the HomeKit motion sensor that measures temperature and humidity - on offer

Now it is possible to upgrade the home connected with Onvis SMS1, a motion sensor compatible with HomeKit that can be installed in any environment and, thanks to its numerous functions, is particularly useful in more than one occasion.

The device capable of capturing the slightest movement when a person, animal or object passes in front of you up to 7 meters away. Thanks to the compatibility with Apple's HomeKit, it fits into its own arsenal of connected devices and can be inserted into already existing automatisms or configured to create new ones.

For example, it can be installed at the entrance of a room to ensure that, with the passage, all the lights inside it turn on, perhaps also activating specific scenes based on the time of day.

Onvis SMS1, the HomeKit motion sensor that measures temperature and humidity

Or it can be used as an anti-theft and deterrent for thieves: activated the dedicated scene when you go to bed or just before leaving the house, you can use it as an alarm when you pass in front of example by activating a siren and simultaneously turning on a light in the bedroom and activating the recording from all the Smart cameras, perhaps in parallel with the sending of a notification on the family's smartphones.

Onvis SMS1 is installed on the wall and powered by two AAA batteries included in the package which promise up to 15,000 hours of autonomy, that is almost two years on a single charge, and the residual energy level can be controlled directly from the app. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and works round the clock, collecting all the movements detected within a list and keeping the last hundred in memory.

In addition to the function just described, it also incorporates some sensors that allow it to also function as a hygrometer and thermometer, thus allowing the user to know the temperature and humidity percentage present in the room in which it was installed by accessing the relevant section in the app or simply by asking Siri. These data are automatically collected every 5 minutes and the system can keep in memory the landings of both the values โ€‹โ€‹of the last thirty-one days.

These two measurements can also be inserted within automatisms, for example by activating the dehumidifier when the humidity value rises above a certain threshold or the radiators when the temperature drops below another.

Clearly what we have mentioned are just some of the uses that can be made of the Onvis SMS1 sensor. Compatibility with HomeKit and with all the other accessories that use the same technology allow it to be used simultaneously in hundreds of different actions.

If interested in the purchase, you can find it on sale with a 12% discount on Amazon at the price of 29.99 euros, shipping included.