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Onkyo CBX, new iPod docking systems

Two new CBX model dock systems dedicated to the Apple mp3 player arrive from Onkyo.

With a compact and squared style (the front view could vaguely remember the old Xbox), the CBX-Z10 and Z20 certainly do not stand out for their functionality, incorporating all the classic options of the high-end docking systems: CD player, AM / FM radio , alarm clock, audio and video outputs and secondary audio line-in.

The most interesting aspect lies in the diffusion technology: in spite of the modest 10 watts of the speakers, the CBX use the AERO Sound System technology, which promises effective enhancement of the bass and greater definition of the voice and higher frequencies.

The Z20 model has a wider design, for better sound circulation, and a system for damping excess vibrations.

Few additional information: compatibility with all iPods equipped with a 30-pin dock connector is assumed, while marketing in Japan will take place at the end of August for the Z10 (362 Dollars) and in late October for the Z20 (421 Dollars) .

Onkyo has not yet notified a possible exit to the western market.