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Oni, still a delay?

Oni, still a delay? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Other than beta, other than game now towards completion. The work still to be done on Oni would still be a lot, almost 50%. You can learn it by reading an article on the expected game of Bungie published in recent days by Eurogamer.The online magazine, according to which despite at first glance the title appears to be rather refined, says that the software engineers would only arrive at the half of their task. "The March release date – adds Eurogamer – therefore appears to be quite probable." Despite these claims, they have yet to find confirmation from Gathering of Developers (who after Bungie's passage under Microsoft's control is doing the bulk of the work ) Many sites, including the always well-informed InsideMac Games, are inclined to believe that this is the stark reality and that those who predicted an October release have made a huge mistake. Only Macnn continues to argue otherwise. "Oni – insists Matt Soell, one of Bungie's programmers – has reached beta 1 after an intense and very thorough alpha phase. The rumors that claim 50% complete are false. ?In the months prior to Microsoft's purchase of Bungie, it had been speculated that the Chicago company was also experiencing financial difficulties due to some evaluation errors in the development of Oni. The game, which presents itself as a revolutionary, would have posed numerous implementation problems, among which some of them forced changes in the race (such as the cancellation of the game in networking) which resulted in a considerable economic expenditure and to accumulate delays that have heavily affected Bungie's ability to generate profits. Hence the decision to sell the structure to Microsoft. Bungie's passage under the wings of Redmond led to the sale of Oni to TakesTwo, which controlled 19% of the company of Seropian and Jones, which now, through the subsidiary Gathering of Developers is overseeing its completion.

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