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OnePlus 8 Pro, the display becomes "green". The company promises: "We will solve soon"

oneplus 8 pro

OnePlus 8 Pro, the latest top of the range recently formalized by the Shenzhen-based company, appears to be affected by display problems.

oneplus 8 pro

According to what stated by several users on the web, OnePlus 8 Pro would present problems of "Green tint", or "green tint": a critical issue that would emerge immediately after the product was put on sale in Europe on April 21st. Chinese society has already recognized the problems relieved by OnePlus 8 Pro users and has already guaranteed that with the next over-the-air (OTA) update everything will be resolved.

OnePlus appreciates user feedback and is committed to offering the best possible experience. Our team is currently reviewing these reports to identify the best solutions for our users and will publish the updates as soon as they are ready ”, the words of the company of the CEO Pete Lau.

But what exactly does this problem consist of? According to what reported by users on the OnePlus community forums, the new top of the range would show a green shade on the display in low light conditions. The problem becomes evident only in dark environments or when the lights are just "dim". When the OnePlus smartphone is used instead in a bright environment or during the day, here the problem seems not to arise.

Some users have been able to resolve the "green tint" criticality on OnePlus 8 Pro by deactivating the option DC Dimming. To do this, just go to Utilit and then to OnePlus Laboratory and DC Dimming. However, some users have reported that after disabling the DC Dimming option another problem arose, or "black crush", that is grainy frames as soon as the screen shows dark shades.

"He made the decision to return the phone, ”wrote one of the users who highlighted these critical issues. The overall quality doesn't seem solid enough to justify this price. A pity, because I love software, but a screen is too important a part for a smartphone ”.

Source Gadgets360