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One virus, a real antivirus.

One virus, a real antivirus.

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Let's face it, we like Palm so much that having to go to the computer to install the software starts to be annoying. We have the ability to browse and receive e-mails with attachments … why on earth should we depend on the Mac to keep our handheld in shape and updated? ! then to the first and only antivirus for Palm that works without the need of a Mac, installation separately. The other antiviruses act at the time of synchronization, while "Symantec AV" is used as a "stand alone" application. Tap on the icon (a Palm and a syringe) and the application offers the possibility to scan, or to view the list of viruses and the scan log. The list, fortunately, is short, for now there is only one virus: the known Palm.Liberty.A. The definition database has been updated to date, let us hope that the list does not lengthen. Windows PC users can count on one more feature called the "Live Update", while we must manually update the database. But isn't the way to free ourselves from the Mac and enjoy the Palm?

(Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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