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Ondio, the radio that records in MP3

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Archos, one of the leading mobile device companies for the user on the move, announces the imminent release of the new MP3 player / recorder with built-in FM radio tuner: Ondio.

Ondio is distinguished by the ability to record in MP3 format directly from the built-in FM radio with a capacity of up to 3 hours at 96 kbits / s). In addition, ONDIO features a 30-second pre-recording auxiliary memory for the radio, so that even if you forget to start recording at the beginning of the song.

Of course, you can also easily delete recorded parts that are of no interest.

The dimensions of Ondio are based on handling and ease of transport. It is half the size of a mobile phone and allows, thanks to 128 MB of Flash memory, to carry or record up to 3 hours of music in MP3 CD quality format.

Other functions include the possibility of saving a minimum of 2 hours of music in MP3 CD quality format (both from PC and directly from the FM tuner or from any other analog audio source) and to use the built-in microphone also as a dictaphone (ability to voice recording of at least 4 hours). Ondio can also be used to save and transport data, thanks to the 128 MB Flash memory and via the USB 1.1 compatible interface

The expandable memory with normal additional Multimedia Card type cards. For the Ondio power supply it uses normal AAA batteries.

In Italy Ondio should be put on sale at a price of around 240 euros.