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On the Mac also the DVD + RW

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On the Mac also the DVD + RW – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The DVD + RW standard is also about to be available for Mac. The announcement of an external drive compatible with our platform comes from Shecom, a Taiwanese company that produces storage devices.

These include the Ikebana series which consists of several products including some Firewire burners and which in a few weeks should also include an external DVD + RW / + R.

At the moment the data concerning the burner are still scarce. It only learns that it will be publicly presented in its Mac compatible version at the next Macworld Expo. Shecom says it can burn a film in 30 minutes. Included in the package is BHA's B's Recorder GOLD, which for now does not seem to be available in the Mac version, at least according to the manufacturer's website.

Recall that the DVD + RW standard is the "competitor" of the DVD-RW used by Apple in its DVD burners. Contrary to the standard embraced by Cupertino, DVD + RW appears more suitable for storing computer data while DVD-RW, thanks to its almost universal compatibility with the world of home DVD players, appears to be the ideal choice for digital video. DVD + RW supported in a decisive and very aggressive way by HP who has found a powerful ally in Microsoft. Redmond will include integrated support for burning with DVD + RW in the next XP update

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