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On the Apple Store the Tom Tom kit to transform the touch into a navigator

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Tom Tom support for iPod touch, after appearing on the Tom Tom store, also lands on the Apple Store. The availability of the accessory that allows you to use the Apple device in the car as a satellite navigator, purchasing Tom Tom maps, an interesting novelty for those who are customers of the Apple store and prefer to make purchases using the Apple sales service instead of the point sale of the producer.

As known, the support for iPod touch contains a GPS chip that interfaces with the Tom Tom application and therefore capable of making the device a real satellite navigator. There are also other interesting functions: in addition to the obvious GPS chip, in the support there is an amplifier and a speaker to listen more clearly to the voice instructions and a power supply for charging the iPod and the audio output for music. The stand can be easily tilted and oriented. Tom Tom support saves you money compared to iPhone support thanks to the fact that some features of the latter have been eliminated (such as hands-free calling and Bluetooh connection) which are not useful for iPod touch owners. This brings the cost from 99.95 euros to 79.95 euros.

Apple Store guarantees shipping of iPhone support in 24 hours; including shipping, you pay 89.43 euros, but if you order the accessory with other products for a total of 120 euros, shipping becomes free. The support for iPhone on the Apple Store, on the other hand, will be shipped in 4-6 weeks and therefore it is impossible to have it at home for Christmas.

Recall that both supports are free shipping and in 24/48 hours also from Tom Tom Store. The price for the support for iPod touch of 79.95 euros, that of the support for iPhone of 99.95 euros.

To use iPod touch as a navigator, you need to purchase a Tom Tom GPS navigation map, such as the one with Italian or Western European roads.