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On Telegram the official channel of the Ministry of Health on coronavirus

Su Telegram il canale ufficiale del Ministero Della Salute per le notizie sul COVID-19

With the emergency linked to the spread of the new coronavirus, Telegram also mobilized and created a general channel through which it is possible to follow all the updates regarding the evolution of the scenarios dependent on the COVID pandemic19.

The channel also suggests following the verified official channels linked to the ministries of health of various countries: among these, the Italian Ministry of Health channel is also available. The channel is active daily and provides all official information regarding the coronavirus emergency.

The daily numbers on contagions, the healed and the deaths are provided, in-depth graphs, news regarding the expansion of intensive care places, but also advice on the rules to follow or on how to deal with the quarantine in the best way, with references to articles and other content available directly on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

On Telegram the official channel of the Ministry of Health for news on COVID-19

There are reports of useful telephone numbers and clarifications on the practices to be followed to minimize the risks of contagion in the interest of public health. The availability of channels on the Telegram platform makes this tool particularly convenient for being able to receive all the news via message directly on your smartphone, tablet or computer when they are released.

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly an official and verified source, without the danger of being faced with fake news and unfounded news. Those interested in subscribing to the official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Health can do so by clicking on this direct link.

Those who are interested in subscribing to the general Telegram general channel, with all the news related to COVID19, can use this direct link. We point out that the latter channel in English.

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