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On Instagram you can finally filter the comments

The platform introduces the ability to preemptively block comments that contain offensive words, phrases and even emojis

Instagram on iPhone

Harassing commentators on Instagram, end of the pack. From today lapp offers the possibility to its users of filter comments based on words, hashtags, emojis. What the user considers offensive, will not appear pisotto to his photos, so potentially goodbye forever to the spammers of the first and last hour.

The option can be found in the Options menu> three dots or gear icon> under the Comments item. From there you will have to select Inappropriate Comments, where it will be found a pre-selected list of words entered by Instagram (in English), to which you can add your own (in any language, therefore also in Italian). Bisogner separate one word from the other with commas (as when you insert the tags) and applies to sentences, numbers (in case someone was annoyed) and emojis: these will be counted both individually and associated with others. For example, by eliminating cat face lemojis, this will be filtered even if associated in a comment on the dog's almoji.

People of any background, race, gender, sexual orientation, interests coexist on Instagram. However, sometimes the comments people receive on the platform may be inappropriate. "explained founder and CEO Kevin Systrom. ?To empower each individual, we feel compelled to promote a culture in which everyone feels confident that they are themselves without fear of receiving criticism or harassment. Not just my personal desire: I believe it is also our responsibility as a company. For this reason, today, we have taken a further step to ensure that Instagram remains a positive place to express ourselves.

Curiosity: the comment with the characters blacklisted by a user, will it be invisible to everyone?Yes, without the author of the comment.

Will the comment block be valid only at the time of activation? No, the option will also have retroactive value.


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