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On Instagram a new sticker to order food through the app

Instagram food orders

A new feature coming soon will allow, through direct online shopping links, to reach food and beverage websites

Instagram shopping dedicated to food and beverage is born. A new feature that will allow you to order food on Instagram directly from the app has been activated in the USA and Canada shortly and ready to be launched in Italy. Restaurants and some other businesses present on Instagram they configured food orders to generate sales through the virtual community.

A restaurant can receive orders via Instagram if it has:

If you don't see the buttonOrder foodprofile or ladesiveFood ordersin history, it means that the restaurant has not configured this feature on Instagram.

How can you order food on Instagram

Instagram food orders

The direct link created on Instagram through a sticker in the stories or I directed food and beverage posts to delivery or ecommerce websites. Instagram app users can easilybuy takeaway products and receive them at homedirectly from posts or stories. It will therefore be possible to see food and dishes to be ordered and, if you like, have them brought home.

Note that this feature related to food orders they are exclusively available on the Instagram mobile app and not on

After selecting a partner for food orders on Instagram, you can configure the buttonOrder foodon your Instagram profile.

To configure food orders on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. TapEdit profile.
  3. Under Public company information, tapCall to action buttons.
  4. In Select a button, chooseOrder food.
  5. Select a partner for food orders. If you have not already configured food orders with a partner, follow the instructions provided on the site of the chosen partner.
  6. Add the website used to link it to the food order service you have selected.
  7. After entering the website, touchend.

Now people can order food using the buttonOrder foodpresent in your Instagram profile.