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On Facebook only 3.57 degrees of separation between users

For the 1.59 billion active users on Facebook, the degrees of separation with other people on the social network are only 3.57

Six degrees of separation a historical theory, presented for the first time by the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy in 1929. It claims that any person on the face of the earth separated from another by six degrees of separation, six passages of knowledge and relationships that would lead us to anyone else. Facebook overturns this theory and shows that for its 1.59 billion active users the degrees of separation with other people on the social network are only 3.57. In a little more than three steps we could then get to our favorite actor or any other person in the other part of the world. According to the calculations, most users would have numbers between 2.9 and 4.2. For example, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, records 3.17; the score of Sheryl Sandberg, operative director, 2.92. The page also shows a scale of distribution of the degrees of separation with which it is possible to understand what the level reached by one's network is. The lower the score achieved (if it can be evaluated as a score), the greater the variety of accumulated contacts. The same search was conducted by the social network in 2011, the average among users was 3.74. In that year there were 721 million members, but the site grew almost doubling the number of active users and therefore now the possibilities have grown by 5%. The number for relative only to active users on Facebook: 1.5 billion out of a total of 7 billion people worldwide. The 3.57 degrees of separation are therefore related to a large population, but still limited to the specific case of the community.

Facebook separation grades