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On Christmas day, I spent $ 193 million in the App Store

Consumer spending on the App Store totaled a record $ 193 million on Christmas Day last year, up 16 percent year-on-year, according to a new Sensor Tower report.

According to the analysis company, the increase in spending due largely to the new owners of mobile devices and to the users who received App Store gift cards under the tree, which significantly increased the purchase of the games.

Most of the $ 210 million mobile app spend for Christmas focused on the Games category, which generated 76% of revenue in both stores, growing 8%, from $ 195 million last year . PUBG Mobile led in-game shopping spending with $ 8.5 million, up 431 percent from the 1.6 million spent on Christmas 2018.

On Christmas day, I spent $ 193 million in the App Store

The other apps, the report said, reached about 2% more than a year earlier, bringing revenue to around $ 67 million. Reportedly, the best app outside of the Games category, as far as Christmas expenses were concerned, was the Tinder dating app, which generated gross global sales close to $ 2.1 million.

On the other hand, for a quick comparison with the competing platform, about 84 million dollars were spent in the Google Play Store, with an annual growth of 2.7 percent. Apple's App Store accounted for 70% of the total spending of the two platforms, which amounted to $ 277 million.

App Store makes up a huge part of the Apple services business. It currently receives 30% of all revenue that developers earn from the App Store, except for subscription apps. In this case, for apps where a customer maintains a subscription for more than a year, developers are entitled to an 85/15 split, with Apple taking 15 percent instead of 30 percent from purchasing individual apps. .