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OmniGraffle enhances the diagrams on MacOS X

OmniGraffle enhances the diagrams on MacOS X logomacitynet1200wide 1

the program, available in a free version with the limitation of 20 elements or in a licensed version at an accessible price, allows you to choose between 22 different shapes to be changed also at a later time, connectable with lines that always maintain the connection even with movements of the various elements. All the diagrams can be exported in the most popular graphic formats for exchanging data also on the web: PNG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF. Using the PNG format you can also take advantage of the partial transparency of the fills Up to 3 different text labels can be connected to each line that can be positioned anywhere on the line and with any direction or alignment. There are two basic layout styles, in any case customizable, which can facilitate your work: one based on hierarchical mode able to best represent staff organization, genealogical trees and graphs without cycles. A "Force-directed" layout "Adapts better to non-tree structures and allows the rearrangement of all or part of the graph by working in real time to check the changes with an animation that appears on the screen while you move the various elements. The rich video palettes allow immediate choice of all available tools and are also customizable to build flow charts and graphs of any type. The possibility of importing Diagram II, EOModel, DOT and OmniOutliner formats completes the features of this application entirely written in cocoa.

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