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Office on iPad, Microsoft is interested

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Office on iPad, Microsoft concerned – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft may be interested in creating an iPad version of Office. The news rebounds from the MacWorld Expo where the Redmond company presented the new Mac version (coming in the fall) of the suite. The Macintosh Business Unit mentioned by some Mac sites showed particular attention for the tablet, but also and above all Mike Tedesco who in Microsoft occupies the important position of Senior Product Manager of the Windows Busines Unit, one of the strategic groups within Microsoft and also present at MacWorld for the presentation of the new version of the Mac suite.

Tedesco would have told T3 that the iPad version is something we are interested in. We have long had a tablet version of Office for Windows 7 and Windows Vista that can automatically understand if they are running on this type of hardware. The announcement of iPad, however, very recent and there is nothing to say exactly or something to talk about "

Since there is no official announcement n, probably, no defined development strategy yet, it is impossible to say if Microsoft is planning to move towards the creation of a zero-built version of Office for iPad or if it is thinking of converting the version for Windows or Mac, if want to sell individual applications or if it intends to land on the App Store with the whole suite in monolithic version. What is certain is that Microsoft's interest in the iPad platform arrives, curiously, a few hours away from the skeptical words pronounced on the Apple tablet by Bill Gates who according to the founder of the window company would have inadequate hardware.

The eventual landing of Microsoft Office on Tablet would be an important conquest and legitimation of iPad as a tool for professional life.

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