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ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, what it is and how it works

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

The ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform is becoming increasingly popular for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

The ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform is becoming increasingly popular for the resolution of e-commerce disputes.

ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, how and how it works

More and more European consumers are buying products online, not only in their countries of origin, but also in all EU countries. More than half of consumers are shopping online: according to Consumer Conditions Scoreboard 2017, 57% of buyers in the European Union have purchased online electronic products, clothes, toys, books, foodstuffs and other goods and services. In parallel with the increase in e-commerce, due to increased customer dissatisfaction due to delayed deliveries, payment problems or the receipt of damaged products. A reluctant customer in the online purchase represents a cheaper sales opportunity for companies and slows down their expansion, both in the domestic market and internationally.

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

The purpose of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform

The purpose of the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) is to guarantee consumers and merchants effective and impartial assistance in resolving any disputes related to online shopping. an easy-to-use channel that offers an impartial approach in certain times, without going to court. Since it was launched by the European Union in February 2016, the ODR platform has recorded a growth rate on the occasion of its second anniversary: ​​an average of over 2,000 complaints sent monthly, 71% of the interviewed users claim to find the platform useful and online shoppers recognize the value.

ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, for online dispute resolution

Maria Pisan, Director of the European Consumer Center Italy (national contact point for the ODR platform), said: "The use of an effective and easily accessible dispute resolution mechanism such as the European Union's ODR platform represents an essential component of the customer service strategy for any online merchant. Through the sound management of the conflict with the consumer, the true patrimony of a company, it creates the maximum credibility and reliability and transforms the moment of crisis into a precious opportunity to rebuild and strengthen relations with the consumer, safeguarding, by doing so, corporate reputation and customer loyalty ".

Although, based on our data, online purchases are constantly growing, Italian consumers still need to be directed to a correct approach to digital tools to enjoy a rich and satisfying online experience. he claims Roberto Liscia, Netcomm President. Therefore the spread of initiatives such as the ODR or the Netcomm Seal, not only allow companies to affirm their own online value, but also to encourage the digital approach of the consumer, guaranteeing security, problem solving skills and gaining his trust.

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

Complaints via ODR

In March 2018 the total number of complaints presented by Italian consumers through the ODR platform was 3531, while 2700 complaints were presented by consumers within the European Union against Italian companies. Although for commercial operators it is a legal obligation, pursuant to Article 30 of the EU, to publish on their website the link to the ODR platform, to help consumers easily solve any problems, the data show that only 12% of Italian merchants currently comply with European legislation.Significantly higher numbers are registered in other EU Member States: Germany holds the record, with 66% of online merchants in line with legal obligations, followed by Austria (47%) and Denmark (44%).

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, resolutions in 90 days

Because 33% of online shoppers in the European Union buy from sellers located in another country, the Italian companies that do not exploit the existence of the ODR platform preclude the possibility of offering an additional service quality of customer assistance. As a single access point that allows European consumers and merchants to resolve disputes relating to online purchases , traffic to the ODR platform will increase further. When a consumer uses the platform to complain about a defective computer product purchased from an online store in Italy, the merchant can propose a solution directly to the customer or propose to resolve the dispute through mediation or arbitration using one of the over 350 ADR bodies – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – designated in Europe to find a resolution of disputes, generally within 90 days.

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) for the resolution of e-commerce disputes

ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, in Italy

At Monclick we have always made customer communication a central element of our business. Therefore, as soon as the ODR platform was launched, we proceeded to make it visible on our site, dedicating to it a page that explains this possibility. For us it is important that a relationship of trust is established with the client and the best way to put it into practice is to convey a clear and transparent communication of those who are its rights. We appreciated the super partes vocation of this platform that gives both the consumer and the merchant the possibility to talk and express their reasons in a very transparent manner. By showing customers that we offer them easy access to resolve any dispute, we demonstrate our willingness to establish a lasting bond, as well as highlighting our focus and quality of the Monclick shopping experience, he has declared Massimo Visone, Sales & Marketing Director of Monclick.

ODR to resolve disputes

Unlike litigation, the platform ODR guarantees that both the trader and the client can confront and dialogue during the entire dispute resolution process. If traders can guarantee a better customer experience, consumers are likely to have an incentive to buy online, even if they are in other countries. of digital, making sure to properly handle a claim to have an extra opportunity to retain a customer.