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O2: iPhone 3G within a few weeks

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The iPhone 3G? matter of a few weeks. To confirm, after the rumors rebounded by Tim, the now next launch of the new generation of the phone, Telefnica Europe, which controls O2. Notes on the next release of the Apple mobile phone in version 2.0 come from Matthew Key, CEO of the mobile operator, in the context of the presentation of the company's tax results.

At the end of the meeting with reporters, urged on the subject, Key said that the launch of the iPhone 3G is scheduled for "the next few weeks". Pressed closely by the press, the CEO was not much more precise and when asked "exactly when", he said: "This is something that depends on Apple. I can only say that we will make a joint announcement. "

Recall that in recent days also from Telecom Italia had almost officially, through an informal declaration by Luigi Licciardi, executive vice president for mobile services of Telecom Italia, that the iPhone 3G would soon arrive in the hands of customers.

Key, in addition to talking about the iPhone 3G, the British media report, has also mentioned the iPhone on other topics but without ever being too precise even in other cases. For example, he did not want to update the iPhone sales statistics for the past three months. I only knew that a good number of the new 206 thousand contracts have been brought by customers who have purchased the mobile phone. The CEO then rejected the argument that concessions made to Apple under the terms of the division of turnover on iPhone contracts would have been too favorable to Cupertino. "Since we have increased sales by 13% – Key pointed out – I don't think it is a bad deal anyway"