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NY Post, Apple will go with Verizon for Tablet and iPhone

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The tablet will be from Verizon. To reinforce the rumors that he will be the first American mobile operator to have the right to sell (perhaps exclusively) the device that Apple will introduce on Wednesday the New York Post.

The newspaper, known in truth in the past for some missed scoop and as such to always take a little with the springs when it launches indiscretions like the one in question, does not cite precise sources and this would leave more than a doubt on the thickness of the item, not was that other media also seem convinced of a hug between Verizon and Apple.

The NY Post also talks about a possible agreement between Apple and Verizon also for the iPhone. Jobs could announce the pact again during the Wednesday event. In support of this second indiscretion, the newspaper cites Apple's growing intolerance towards At & T and the moves made by the American mobile operator that points decisively towards the Android world, which should be a sort of defensive action following the loss of the contract. with Apple. Verizon, in any case, again according to the newspaper, may not be able to have the phone with the Apple until next June, when the exclusivity with At & T expires.

In this regard, it should be said that, contrary to what the NY Post seems to think that hypothesizes on an "aut aut" scenario (or At & T or Verizon), it would be really strange that Apple does not take advantage of the expiry of the exclusivity to export the strategy to the USA multi-operator inaugurated in Italy and then undertaken almost everywhere in the world. Putting two or more mobile operators in competition the best way for Apple to get better prices and better service for iPhone. If, having the opportunity, Cupertino did not do in the USA what it did in Italy, France and the United Kingdom, just to mention some of the main countries in the world in cellular telephony (on some occasions, such as in France, exponentially increasing the sales), you would face a very curious case.