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Nvidia presents the GeForce FX

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On December 16 the latest veils will finally be removed from GeForce FX, the new generation graphics chips from Nvidia.

On that date, in fact, a press conference is scheduled in Taipei during which the California company, together with its local partner Taiwan Semiconductor, will demonstrate the new processors but above all they will introduce the 0.13 micron manufacturing process a real novelty in this field.

The miniaturization of the circuitry of the new chips, named in code NV30, has drawn the attention of the world of industry. In fact, Nvidia will be the first company operating in the GPU field to present a product with this level of circuitry, up to now in the consumer field used only for Intel's Pentium IV. The same ATI for its RV300 uses less sophisticated circuitry, from 0.15 microns, which now runs the risk of becoming obsolete even if by now the Canadian company is also making a move to O.13 microns. The chip that should mark the move will, according to some sources, be the RV350 released early next year.

The Taipei press conference, which focuses the attention of many media outlets, should also serve to clear the field on some rumors circulated after the announcement of the processors, which took place at the Comdex in Las Vegas. According to several rumors, Nvidia is in fact in difficulty in releasing the GeForce FX precisely because of the complexity of the process that leads to the manufacture of 0.13 micron chips