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Nvidia, here are the specifications of the new chips

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Nvidia, here are the specifications of the new chips – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The sector of graphics cards in continuous ferment. A few days ago the news, also reported by Macity, of the now close conclusion of the development of the NV18 chips of Nvidia and RV250 of Ati, two mid-range processors that will take the place of the GeForce4 MX and the Radeon 7500. Information has also begun to circulate on Nvidia's NV30 and NV35 chips, destined to take the place of the NV25 used today in GeForce4 Ti cards. According to some sites dedicated to rumors, the performance and specifications of the chip will be of the highest level. The NV30 will have 0.13 micron circuitry, 400 MHz main processor, 512-bit structure, AGP 8x, eight rendering lines, support for up to 256 MB of DDR SDRAM at 900 MHz. NV30 will have the ability to develop 200 million polygons per second. The NV35 will have even higher characteristics thanks to the 500 MHz main processor and support for 100 or 1200 MHz DDR memories or the innovative 400 MHz QDR RAMDAC. The NV30 processor should be made available to OEMs between the end of the summer and early autumn. The NV35 is not expected to appear before the spring of 2003. To this day, NVidia has not released any statements on the performance and characteristics of the new chips, merely stating that these are revolutionary processors.

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