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Nvidia, golden quarter

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Nvidia, golden quarter – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It will be a golden quarter for Nvidia. The announcement comes directly from the Californian company which took advantage of a meeting with journalists to present some anticipation on the results of the three months that ended on April 28. Envy, as explained yesterday, should post a profit of 45/48 cents dollar against the 42 estimated by analysts with a turnover between 570 and 580 million dollars. According to Nvidia the good results are the result of the success of the transition to a new line of products for the desktop sector and the good debut of the new processor models We remember that processors of the GeForce 4 series are used in the new PowerMacs and that the iMacs use the now popular GeForce 2MX.Nvidia then announced that it will review, following the provisions of the SEC, the American Consob, its financial statements of the last three years for put your hand to some corrections. At the same time, it was announced that, in the context of the problems Nvidia had in drafting its previous financial statements, a new manager responsible for financial operations would join the executive staff.Nvidia has finally confirmed some rumors that a dispute with Microsoft is underway. Subject of the dispute over the price of the processors supplied to the X-BOX for which Nvidia asks for an increase. 'We think prices need to be adjusted,' said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang -; at the time we drafted the contract the specifications had not been defined. We have added new features and we think it is right that they should be paid.'In the light of yesterday's announcements, Nvidia's stock, particularly penalized in recent months, has leapt forward by more than 15%.

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