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Nvidia GeForce Now: what it is and how to use it to play PC games

Nvidia GeForce Now: what it is and how to use it to play PC games

Nvidia GeForce Now one of the latest news regarding the gaming world. 2020 is a year that promises to be extremely interesting in this sense, with extremely advanced titles in graphics and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, platforms have been developed that are able to manage games in a simpler and more immediate way, by retiring physical supports. In this sense, in recent months, for example, there has been a lot of talk about Google Stadia and not only.

From this need, a proposal came from Nvidia that alerted all gamers a bit. Following a three-year beta test, the company officially released GeForce Now, a new game streaming service for PC, Mac is Android destined to revolutionize the world of videogames.

What is Nvidia GeForce Now?

First presented at CES 2017, Nvidia GeForce Now offers players the ability to stream gameplay, eliminating the need to worry about local PC requirements. Obviously this is only possible for those with a rather high-speed internet connection (not to be taken for granted in Italy).

Nvidia itself recommends download speeds of approx 25-50 Mbps, although it can work with just one connection 15 Mbps. In this sense, much depends on the video games chosen: an FPS can hardly be playable under 25-30 Mbps. A title with very bland rhythms instead, can already be fully enjoyable with 20 Mbps.

Unlike Google Stadia which requires the purchase of games from the platform shop, GeForce Now allows you to play any product purchased through Steam, is Uplay. It allows us to play together with our friends as usual, without having to register for other online services.

A streaming comparable to a high-end PC

Besides Fortnite, GeForce Now offers a series of free titles (many rather dated) to which new games are added monthly.

Titles are remotely manageable on one of Nvidia's 15 servers spread across Europe and the United States. These provide the user with a graphics output similar to that of a high-end gaming PC. In fact, if you opt for the plan of the founders, as we will see later, it will be possible to play on updated RTX servers capable of guaranteeing nothing short of impressive performances.

The only negative aspect compared to other streaming services is the resolution limit: this in fact cannot exceed 1080p, regardless of the type of subscription subscribed. Nvidia plans to add 4K HDR support, although it has not released any indications regarding a possible launch window.


Here comes the fun part. GeForce Now in fact, a service that can be accessed for free, even if only for sessions lasting one hour (therefore little more than a demo).

Despite this, as we have already mentioned, it must be said that the service also available with a formula called founder, at the cost of 5.49 euros per monthand which, as easy to guess, has no limits whatsoever.

The requirements

So what are the requirements to fully enjoy this service? As already mentioned, GeForce Now works normally on PC, Mac and even Android devices. The Internet connection must be at least 15 Mbps, although 25 Mbps is considered an acceptable value for all games.

Obviously, the connection Ethernet preferable for dispersion issues, while using the mode Wifi, well opt for the 5 Ghz. PCs, in order to take advantage of the service, need:

  • OS Windows 7 (64 bit) or later
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Dual core 2.0 GHz x86 CPU or later
  • GPU that supports DirectX 11

For Mac users, a computer with macOS 10.10 or later is required. Android devices, on the other hand, must have an operating system of version 5.0 (or later) and 2 GB of RAM. For obvious reasons, a Bluetooth controller is recommended.

Finally, you can't miss a Nvidia Shield, essential to be able to use the service.