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Nvidia, chips with less consumption

Nvidia, chip with less consumption logomacitynet1200wide 1

Longer life for laptop batteries. This is the essential purpose of PowerMizer, a new technology announced yesterday by Nvidia and which will soon be supported by its 3D acceleration chips. According to a press release PowerMizer can reduce consumption up to 4 watts when using applications that have high demands from the in terms of graphics processing and all without sacrificing performance.PowerMizer can also support the current Nvidia chips, such as the GeForce 2GO family. Thanks to the new energy saving system, a card capable of consuming less than one watt when using applications that are not graphically intensive From what you learn from the press release, PowerMizer is controlled directly by the user through an interface that offers control over energy saving allowing you to balance performance and consumption. It also seems to understand that PowerMizer operates not only on the card itself but also on the CPU by reducing the computing load.Nvidia in recent months has been at the center of numerous criticisms for the level of consumption of its cards for laptops.Nvidia makes no mention of a Mac version of PowerMizer but the impression that it is aimed at PC products.

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