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Nvidia, a new revolutionary chip on the horizon

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New Nvidia processor coming up at the end of August The existence of the new processor was revealed yesterday by the Californian company itself which gave few details about it, but sufficient to suggest that it should be a product capable of making make the graphics cards that will use it a big leap forward in terms of performance.

The chip, the name of which is not yet known, said CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, based on an architecture substantially different from that of the current products on the market. The circuitry will be 0.13 microns, like most modern computer processors, and will have a number of innovative features.

According to Huang, it was something truly revolutionary, even "the most significant contribution made by Nvidia to the graphics industry since our foundation".

Recall that the current GeForce 4 are partly based on the architecture of GeForce 2, part (the Titanium versions) on the GeForce 3, but they have not introduced substantial technological innovations. A choice that has aroused some criticism at Nvidia's address which, evidently, is now trying to recover credibility and the market by returning to ailing ATI. The Canadian company, in fact, with the Radeon 8500 has equalized and in some respects exceeded all the flagship products of Nvidia.

The new chip being prepared by Nvidia should also appear on the Mac. Apple has long chosen Nvidia processors for its high-end and low-end dekstop machines.

Just to Apple Huang reserved some hints during the conference he held with journalists declaring himself confident that Nvidia will soon have the majority of the Macintosh market share, also citing the introduction of the eMac. "You will witness the launch of many really interesting products in this area," predicted Huang.