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Now you can also send Spotify songs to Messenger

Now you can also send Spotify songs to Messenger

the integration of the music service on Facebook chat has arrived


Chat songs. FacebookMessenger has introduced integration with Spotify. How to find it: in the message composition window, next to the "microphone" icon, there is the "other" icon, consisting of the three dots. From there you can open the integrated applications (there are also many dedicated to the gif). Once you open the Spotify one, you can search for something to share (songs, albums, artists, playlists). Once selected, you will be sent back to the original chat. By clicking on the received object, the recipient will be sent to the streaming platform instead.

Spotify seems to like messaging services, more than its competitors: even to @Spotybot on Telegram you can ask to search for a song (/ findsong + song name).


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