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Now MacOs 9.2.1 also appears

Now also check MacOs 9.2.1 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Really it is hard to find your way around the updates for MacOs 9.x, at least to listen to some sites dedicated to rumors.After having released, but only as pre-installed on the new G4, MacOs 9.2, Apple would in fact be developing a version 9.2.1 , codenamed Limelight. The update would be at an advanced stage of processing since it would have already reached beta stage 5. According to ThinkSecret, who released the news, it would be an update purely aimed at supporting new hardware. What hardware it is ThinkSecret n tells us n if it asks. We can speculate that it may be an update intended for the rumored Titanium update that could see the light in late September, on the occasion of the MacWorld Expo. As long as it is not the "real" MacOs 9.2, that is the one intended to be distributed publicly. If to this little mystery is added the fact that Apple is also developing version 9.3 of MacOs, codenamed StarLight, it is understood how both in front of a small release jungle that raises some questions. Questions that have no answers, at least for the moment …

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