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Novell announces Monotouch, now a compiler for iPad applications too

Novell has also announced in Italy the availability of a new version of MonoTouch which at release 2.0 allows you to create through the use of the Microsoft .NET framework, including C # and other .NET programming languages, applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The inclusion of iPad is a novelty of this new version.

"Thanks to MonoTouch 2.0, Novell now supports iPad application development which adds to existing support for iPhone and iPod Touch application development," says Miguel De Icaza, Mono project leader and vice president of Developer Platforms at Novell. "Our MonoTouch software development kit allows those who develop on the popular Microsoft .NET platform to take advantage of the larger screen of the iPad and take advantage of its various new features. MonoTouch makes the development of iPad applications more accessible to .NET developers around the world, and will significantly increase the size of the iPad universe. "

MonoTouch simplifies the development of applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch by allowing developers to use codes and libraries written for .NET. While the iPad development license restricts the distribution of scripting engines and Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers, necessary for running runtime codes managed like .NET, developers can use MonoTouch in full compliance with the terms of the Apple license, as MonoTouch only provides native code. This at least until the launch of iPhone Os 4.0

Recall that a new chapter of the license for the creation of programs for the new operating system prohibits compilers and all applications written in non-native code and that are not run by the Webkit iPhone Os engine. Monotouch, like the packager for iPhone, will therefore be put out of action as soon as the OS is officially released this summer. Except for now, unlikely surprises.

The Personal and Enterprise versions of MonoTouch are available on The Enterprise edition available for developers at a cost of 830 Euros with one year of subscription, including support and updating. A simultaneous 5-developer license available for ? 3,320 per year. For individuals who create applications only for the Apple App Store, one year of subscription of MonoTouch Personal Edition for a single developer available at a cost of 330 Euros. MonoTouch 1.0 users will be able to update to version 2.0 through the normal channels at no additional cost. For more information on MonoTouch, visit