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Not just "iSlate": has Apple also registered the name iGuide?

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iGuide another name registered by a company that points to Apple. This is what MacRumors discovered. "IGuide Media" a Delaware-based company born with the sole purpose of not giving too much attention and which is actually 100% controlled by Apple. The application for registration of the "iGuide" trademark was completed in December 2007 and among the signatories of the request is Regina Porter, Apple's Senior Trademark Specialist who deals with the protection and registration of trademarks. Even the lawyer who handled the case the same one who handled the registration of the "iPhone" brand on behalf of Ocean Telecom Services, another (at the time) Apple subsidiary, with the sole purpose of protecting the name and not giving too much eye.

iGuide could therefore be an alternative name for the increasingly rumored Apple Tablet or some service / software connected to it. In the description that serves to classify the brand, in relation to iGuide it reads: "Hardware and software for accessing, browsing, searching, storing, organizing, transmitting, receiving, modifying, streaming, playing audio, videos, games, music, TV series, photographs and other multimedia content ". Even more relevant is a passage in which we speak of “downloading electronic publications in the form of books, magazines, newsletters, newspapers and blogs in the field of entertainment, sports, science, history, culture, celebrities, news, events, politics, technology and education ".

According to various rumors circulating for months, Apple in contact with various publishers for the supply of digital content. Just as we have already reiterated with the name iSlate, everything could mean nothing to us: the Cupertino house, as well as other manufacturers, registers various domain names, but these are not always used for precise and defined purposes. (By Mauro Notarianni)