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Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent for 16.6 billion dollars

Nokia will cover Alcatel-Lucent, putting $ 16.6 billion on the plate. After selling the mobile phones to Microsoft, the Swedish company tries to become a leader again

Nokia will cover Alcatel-Lucent, putting $ 16.6 billion on the plate. After selling the mobile phone business to Microsoft, the Finnish company tries to become the telecommunications leader in another sector. From phones to networks in short, from consumer to business. Many thought that Nokia was over, with the sale of the mobile division to Microsoft there was nothing left. But Nokia has always remained active in the TLC market and has now launched its most important acquisition. The terms of the sale have already been defined and accepted by both parties but the transaction is expected to close by early 2016, after the antitrust checks. of Alcatel-Lucent Michel Combes and that of Nokia Rajeev Suri, they had already in the recent past close collaboration agreements now the agreement for the complete sale arrives, a signature that is worth 16.6 billion dollars (15.6 billion euros) and that involves a transaction entirely in shares: 0.55 Nokia shares for each Alcatel-Lucent share with a premium of 34% (4.48 euros per share). The shareholders of Alcatel-Lucent will own 33.5% of the combined capital of the company, and the shareholders of Nokia the remaining 66.5%. The objective of the Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent union is to work on research and development of connectivity wireless of the future and of mobile broadband (in particular 5G), challenging the players currently on the market such as Ericsson and Huawei. the sale of Nokia Here is also possible, a reliable and widespread mobile mapping service. Among the objectives there is also the intention to allocate 100 million euros to invest in French startups focused on the Internet of Things and on connectivity. This agreement makes complementarities its strong point and aims to give birth to a giant leader in new generation connectivity market. Cecilia CantadoreNokia Alcatel-Lucent