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No Way Home, the new game on Apple Arcade

No Way Home the new hand-drawn video game on Apple Arcade inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Apple has released a new video game on Apple Arcade: No Way Home.

No Way Home, how it works

Stuck in a strange galaxy, you will have to fight for survival using only your wits, your spaceship, and your partner, a party planning robot. Explore the universe, make friends with bizarre aliens, and race through hordes of monsters as you try to find a way back home. The rich history unfolds through the settings of a huge universe, and you will have over 50 weapons to discover, create and upgrade while fighting against over 60 unique enemies. Thanks to randomly generated environments, each game will be unique in your survival path.

No Way Home, the new game on Apple Arcade

Video Game No Way Home, design

The graphic style of the unique game, the video game was hand-drawn before being scanned for use in the game, which is quite rare for games.

The developer also wanted to mix the fact that it is a story of a game lost in space with a dark comedy angle – drawing inspiration from Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the famous hitchhiker galactic guide), among the others – using the absurd to lighten what might be a very dark themed game.

Each race of aliens has its own story, its own narrative arc and its own voice. The developer will build on this cast of characters and races in subsequent updates.

No Way Home, the new game on Apple Arcade

Features No Way Home

A rich history set in a huge universe.

Daily Challenge: Run and shoot for daily glory with a new mega weapon every day.

Stunning hand-drawn graphics.

Over 50 weapons to discover, create and upgrade.

Over 60 unique enemies in battle.

An immersive mission system.

Epic boss battles!

A procedural universe, each game unique!

With more paths to take, it is up to you to discover your survival path!

Trade, collection, pillage and pillage of valuable goods.

Full support for controller and touchscreen.

No Way Home, the new game on Apple Arcade