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No more rumors if you want our advertising.

No more rumors if you want our advertising.

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The prestigious advertising agency TBWA / Chiat / Day would have asked all the newspapers that deal with information on the Mac world to avoid the rumors or, worse, the news coming from uncertain sources or from the employees of the company themselves, on pain of losing the advertising '"Think different". The slogan used by ZDNet, which refers to the question, "if you publish Apple rumors, you'll lose Apple's business", (if you publish indiscretions you lose business with Apple) is quite efficient. It appears evident that the decision, assuming that the rumors are confirmed, an attempt to stop the spread of sites and sitarelli that make the foundations of their success their own indicators. In recent weeks it was precisely because of some of these sites that information spread far in advance about Cubes and new keyboards. To whom this invitation is addressed and if it comes directly from Cupertino are questions that we will hardly have answers, even if browsing the web the suspicion arises that one of the most suspected sites is the popular Macnn. The rumors of the former Apple employee "Worker Bee" were published on AppleInsider, already threatened and / or reported, as well as by Apple, also by other large companies such as Adobe and Microsoft, for having published images and described characteristics of products not still presented to the public. AppleInsider emanation of Macnn that frequently publishes Apple banners (as can be seen, for example, from the image we publish a little below). It should also be said that in recent weeks, rumors also appeared on even more prestigious web pages. This is the case, for example, of advances on the new mice that were published, also accompanied by sketches of the peripheral devices, by ZDNet.

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