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No more Lucas games

Once LucasArts was one of the most attentive game producers in the Mac world. Who does not remember the first two mythical episodes of Monkey Island or the equally interesting Dark Forces, a Doom clone set in the Star Wars universe? At that time the Mac was at the forefront in the consideration of the company owned by the father of the most popular saga in the history of cinema, but shortly afterwards the interest in the platform began to dissipate quickly until it disappeared in the second half of the 1990s. From then on there was virtually no Mac game bearing the Lucas brand.

A flash of light came last year when, following the successes of iMac, Luca decided to release a title for the first time in years for Mac. It was StarWars Episode One, Pod Racer which debuted no later than about ten months ago. Since then many voices have intersected on the possibility that that title marked a turning point and the return of Lucas to the Mac world. But today comes a cold shower, indeed very cold from the same Lucas that would have excluded any possibility, at least for now, of future games for Mac.

To report the news InsideMacGamese that publishes an excerpt from a chat session during which the president of Lucas Arts, Simon Jeffrey, claims that "the Mac market does not give us guarantees on the production of Mac games. For this, unfortunately, it appears extremely unlikely that there will be a Mac version of Obi-Wan ?.

The hopes aroused in the past few months and the series of considerations that had been made following the release of Pod Racer are thus erased from a stroke.

On the other hand, the commitment on the Mac platform continues by Lucas Learning, a sister company that operates in the field of educational games for children.