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Nissan, Enel-X and RSE plan energy for the future, renewable and social

Nissan, Enel-X e RSE pianificano l’energia per il futuro, rinnovabile e social

The V2G (Vehicle to Grid) voice will probably say nothing to the reader of this article today, but if things go the right way (as in the ideas of Enel X, Nissan and RSE) it will not be many years for this term to pass through the head of all.

in fact, the experimentation in Italy of this technology started, sponsored by Enel X, Nissan and RSE and probably later open to all the players who will be interested in it, which aims to transform electric cars into nodes capable of storing and returning energy for network stabilization.

The project involves the use of two bidirectional charging infrastructures of Enel X, installed in the RSE experimental micro-network which, through a specific control platform, allow the Nissan LEAF to be used for network stabilization.

Nissan, Enel-X and RSE plan energy for the future, renewable and social

Energy sharing

Although the project is very ambitious and fraught with difficulties, especially in optimizing flows and benefits for users, during the press conference in Milan Alberto Piglia, Maurizio Delfanti and Bruno Mattucci clarified the dynamics of the project very well.

At the moment the Nissan Leaf Elettriche included in the project will be used as batteries for the storage and the exchange of energy, when connected for recharging and in a position of tranquility.

The batteries are in fact accumulators of energy which, thanks to the V2G technology, will be distributed in the electricity grid for use and consumption by all users who need it, until the car is in a position to stop distribution and schedule full recharge for the time being. stability.

For example, leaving the car in charge in the Garage at 18 in the evening, this could act as a V2G node until (for example) at 5 in the morning, accumulating energy and distributing the excess in the network, then interrupting the distribution at 5, to concentrate on full charge, for 8 in the morning when scheduled the start of activities.

Nissan, Enel-X and RSE plan energy for the future, renewable and social

A software will allow individual users to understand the timing of recharging and dissemination, optimizing flows for the benefit of all.

This will initially contribute to a reduction in total electricity consumption for users who join, because the excess energy distributed, therefore as if it were sold, but in the future it could also lead to a remuneration by companies to the private sector, perhaps at a time when the car little used.

Nissan, Enel-X and RSE plan energy for the future, renewable and social

A nice idea

The experimentation started in May and will serve to understand the feasibility of the project and also how to refine the software, which will probably have a smartphone App for customizing the details, so that everyone can indicate the best times for sharing resources.

On the other hand, the future of motoring seems to pass precisely from the power supply, if not exclusively, certainly important: from the data collected by Nissan today 38 million cars circulate in Italy, of which only 20,000 are electric, to which the 5,000 public charging centers.

Nissan, Enel-X and RSE plan energy for the future, renewable and social

But already from 2020 the situation is destined to change due to the increase in expenses that will occur in the use of Diesel or Petrol cars, while electric cars, which already enjoy economic relief from insurance, stamp duty and Ecobonus you can probably add further savings thanks to V2G if things go well, from research in Denmark estimated at 500 to 800 Euros per year (in practice the cost of an iPhone XRall'anno or an iPhone XS every two).