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Nike + iPod WatchRemote: wireless remote control and training partner for iPod

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Nike has made available on its store [sponsor] a new version of Nike + iPod WatchRemote, the bracelet that allows you to control all the training and music management functions directly from your wrist, without having to have iPods at your fingertips.

Nike + iPod Watch Remote remotely an iPod remote control combined with a voice synthesis system capable of reading the data of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and simultaneously controlling the iPod. Nike has created the polyurethane bracelet-shaped accessory closed by a stainless steel pressure system. all resistant to water and humidity. The main target obviously that of running and jogging to which, for another, the kit itself is also intended. Thanks to Nike + WatchRemote just press the side button to get voice information on travel times, distance traveled, calories burned and pace.

In addition to the time information displayed on the integrated LED screen, with Nike WatchRemote you can start playback and activate pause, skip to the next track, adjust the volume and even access the Genius function. All of this can be used through the integrated buttons, easy to reach because they are placed on the wrist and sent to the iPod via the wireless connection. Note that the WatchRemote also features an accelerometer which orients the display according to how the arm is oriented.

But in addition to the world of runners, the bracelet is certainly interesting also for another group of customers consisting simply of those who want to have a sports accessory on their wrist, even without doing sports, with which to remote control the iPod. In this way you can keep our player in your pocket or backpack or bag and control playback using the bracelet wirelessly.

Nike + WatchRemote can be purchased for 80 euros directly from the official Nike online store.

Recall that both the second generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS integrate the Nike + wireless receiver: to use the Nike + WatchRemote just purchase the Nike + Sensor shoe sensor, always available in the Nike shop for 15 euros, alternatively also in the shop Apple online for 19 euros.

For users who have another iPod model and want to use the Nike + WatchRemote, the Nike + iPod Sport Kit must be purchased at the price of 29 euros in the official Nike store, alternatively also available in the Apple online store at the same price.