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New video adapter for iBooks.

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New video adapter for iBooks. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

New quality of viewing your DVDs on TV even in large sizes thanks to a new adapter. With the new iBooks 2002, presented in May, you can now buy a new type of video adapter (the one already known no longer works), with the advantage of the S-Video output (in addition to the composite video). "Super Video": a video signal qualitatively superior to the normal composite video obtainable previously (thanks to the separation of the luminance and chrominance signals) and using the miniVGA port on the The iBook leaves the multimedia port free from which you can pick up, with a normal mini RCA stereo dual jack cable, the audio to be transferred to the TV, amplifier or active speakers. The adapter for sale on the US AppleStore for $ 19 but also on the Italian one for 25 euros + VAT, with availability at ten / twelve days.

the miniVGA and S-Video / composite video converter can only work on new iBooks as the pinout of the miniVGA differs from that of the previous model.

The (standard) miniVGA-VGA converter instead the same as the previous iBook and which also works with the iMac LCD.

Special offers

iPad Pro 2020 available for order on Amazon: arriving Wednesday March 25th

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