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New TV arrivals on the US iTunes Music Store

The online catalog of the iTunes Music Store is getting bigger and bigger. And yet it has only touched the surface of past and present television programming. However, the 200 series present – from comic sketches to ?weight? TV series – represent the best and abundance that can be found on the net. News is coming that the lucky ones who live in America (or who have found a way to reach it virtually on the digital tracks of the Apple store) can buy from today.

The debut of A&E Network brings with it some new things to load on the latest generation of iPods: "Criss Angel: Mindfreak," "Driving Force" and "Inked", to be precise. Instead, The History Channel presents "The Revolution" (the American Revolution) and "Modern Marvels" (the stories of the greatest inventions and their creators, but also of great achievements, such as the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China, etc., there are 15 available), two of the most popular productions that are retransmitted by us in hiccups by the private broadcasters in "shredded" form and smuggled with other formats.

Finally, there is also space for an episode selection of the Emmy Award winning series, "Biography", produced by The Biography Channel. In this case we are dealing with different types of biographies: Notorious, people who from anonymous become suddenly famous, Great Womem, Great Leaders and finally Great Inventors and Explorers.