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New Tim Maxxi iPhone: 10 euros per month and 50 MB per day

New Tim Maxxi iPhone: 10 euros per month and 50 MB per day logomacitynet1200wide 1

10 euros per month for 50 MB of data per day and then 1 euro per day if you want another 30 within 24 hours. Here is the revision of the Tim MAXXI proposal for iPhone that the Italian mobile operator is about to launch and which should become active from the beginning of August

At the reasonable cost of 10 euros per month Tim Maxxi, as mentioned, offers 50 MB of daily traffic, as if to say 1.5 GB of total monthly traffic. The particularity lies in the fact that if the 50 MB threshold consumed by midnight of the day is not reached, they will not accumulate. The next day, we start again with another 50 MB

The most interesting aspect is that once the 50 MB threshold has been exceeded, the iPhone Daily tariff will start automatically, which allows you to consume an additional 30 MB of traffic at a cost of 1 euro, also to be consumed within 24 hours. The consumption rate thus starts only and exclusively after consuming a total of 80 MB of traffic before midnight: at this point the cost of 0.6 euro cents per KB.

Note that the euro is triggered only if the limit is exceeded. It is not necessary to activate the option.

The rate available only for prepaid. Therefore excluding subscriptions and Tuttocompreso.

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