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New technology to increase battery life

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New technology to increase battery life –

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A one-day laptop battery would be the dream of all laptop users. At the moment such durations are unthinkable given the increase in processor power to which storage technology has not yet provided decisive answers, but the future may be different.

The hopes are placed in a project that National Semiconductor and ARM are developing jointly and which is based on a system that can intelligently manage battery consumption.

By means of a series of chips, the absorption of energy would be constantly optimized, providing only the current actually required. Limiting the dispersion would increase the battery life and allow the technology to be less troubled in the current run-up to the increasing power required by the manufacturers of various devices.

The primary goal of National Semiconductor and ARM to produce the system for its use in PDAs and smart phones, the devices that are at the moment in difficulty due to the need to use smaller and smaller batteries. But it can also be used in the field of laptops that do not joke at all in terms of energy absorption.

According to the labs that are studying the technology, its debut could take place by the end of next year or early 2004

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