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New soundbars born for 4K TVs: Panasonic HTB600 and HTB400 with and without integrated subwoofer.

Anyone who regularly watches films on UHD Blu-ray discs or plays entire series in 4K aware of the need for an audio experience suitable for the images reproduced. The quality sound, combined with the 4K images, creates an engaging cinematic experience even at home, transporting the viewer from the sofa to distant worlds.Today's ultra-thin TVs with discrete sound systems also need help to reproduce the full range of frequencies of the soundtracks and offer you the best of dialogues or environmental reconstructions.

Panasonic expands its range of easy-to-install Home Theater systems with two Soundbars equipped with interesting technologies and a functional look, designed to match the company's latest TV models.

Common features

The two models share metal mesh grids and adjustable feet that allow you to place them directly on the TV stand or in front of the TV itself; they can be mounted on the wall, with the kit supplied, creating a perfect synergy with the TV.

If placed on a flat surface, such as a cabinet, the new speakers of the HTB soundbars have an upward angle of 7, so that the sound is projected towards the viewer. Since also the back has the same angle, in case of wall mounting there will be a perfect balance and the sound will spread in the room at 180.

New soundbars born for 4K TVs: Panasonic HTB600 and HTB400 with and without integrated subwoofer.

Both soundbars can connect via Bluetooth smartphones and other compatible devices, to listen to music and podcasts in stereo from the comfort of your sofa.

On board also the mode Clear-Mode Dialogue allows you to overcome this problem by improving the clarity of speech in the mix, so viewers will no longer have to struggle to grasp the key points of the plot.

Panasonic HTB600 Soundbar

the superior model of the two presented is called HTB600 and supports high resolution audio formats Dolby Atmoself DTS: X. The single wireless subwoofer guarantees independence in positioning, dynamic bass, while the aerodynamic shape of the Bass Reflex port specially designed to reproduce powerful bass.

New soundbars born for 4K TVs: Panasonic HTB600 and HTB400 with and without integrated subwoofer.

Without requiring a physical connection with the TV, the HTB600's wireless subwoofer can be positioned anywhere: the 16 cm speaker unit delivers an output power of 200 W. The aerodynamic shape of the Bass Reflex port ensures a smooth air flow and reduces unwanted vibrations.

HTB600 offers virtual surround sound with its front speakers, so movie buffs can watch their favorite movies without having to spread speakers around the room.

Equipped with two Full Range unit drivers (4.5 x 10 cm), the HTB600 soundbar offers very rich sounds in the range by delivering an output power of 160 W, which the wireless subwoofer even brings to 360 W (peak values ??editor's note).

4K HDR Pass Through allows you to watch 4K HDR content, including Dolby Vision, without compromising image quality. In fact, the video signal can be transferred from a Blu-ray player (or a console) to a 4K TV through the soundbar.

EARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel): Transfers high bit-rate audio formats, such as Dolby True HD, from compatible TVs to the soundbar. This means that film soundtracks and higher quality television programs can reach their full potential.

Panasonic HTB400 Soundbar

The cheaper model with two integrated woofers suitable for those looking for a simple solution that allows you to appreciate the soundtracks and better hear the dialogues thanks to the speakers included: two Full Range drivers (4.5 x 10 cm) and two integrated subwoofers that generate a total output power of 160 W. By exploiting the neodymium magnets, a consistent volume is obtained with relatively compact unit speakers.

New soundbars born for 4K TVs: Panasonic HTB600 and HTB400 with and without integrated subwoofer.

The two 8 cm cone subwoofers achieve a combined output power of 80 W, while the two Bass Reflex ports help to reproduce crisp and powerful bass.

The prices of the new soundbars are not yet known: we will update you on these pages.