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New Seagate discs

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New Seagate discs – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Segate announced yesterday that it has launched the production of 3.5-inch HD capable of holding 60 GB. An important leap forward for the Hard Disk sector which until now had never managed to exceed 40 GB per plate.

The system, the most advanced on the market today, is used for the production of Barracuda ATA V discs, which reach 120 GB with only two platters per disc.

The Barracuda ATA V supports an ATA serial interface, intended to replace the parallel ATA. Second, Seagate parallel ATA can increase disk access speed by up to 44% compared to traditional systems. In addition to this, the ATA serial will allow the hot connectivity of the disks and the construction of cheaper systems, thanks to a simplified wiring.

The Barracuda ATA V has a data transfer rate of 520 Mbits per second and a seek time of 9 milliseconds with ultra-quiet motors. Also present on the Serial ATA version is an 8 MB cache. Initially the Barracuda V will be offered with the traditional Ultra ATA / 100; in autumn the version with the ATA serial will arrive

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