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New rumors about the name of the tablet: not iSlate but iPad

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New rumors about the tablet's name: not iSlate but iPad – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not iSlate but iPad. Here is the name of the tablet that Apple should reveal next week during the now well-known event of January 27, according to what Macrumors discovered.

The site specializing in indiscretions has made, with the help of what it defines people who have knowledge of Apple's plans, an analysis of the registered trademarks, discovering that the well-known Slate Computing, an empty box behind which Apple almost certainly hides, has the iPad brand was registered in several countries in recent days. Among the markets concerned: Canada and Europe. In Hong Kong and Australia and New Zealand the same trademark would have been registered a few days ago (January 15) by a Delaware company called IP Application Developement of which nothing is known, but which for the times chosen in the registration and for the Initials of the name (IPAD) raises the suspicion that it is nothing but a new identity behind which Apple is still visible.

Note that the only large country where the iPad brand has not been registered is the USA where Slate Computing was beaten by Fujitsu, but this could simply mean that Apple will have to buy the brand or find an agreement as it did with Cisco when you launch the iPhone, owned by the company specializing in network devices.

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