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New Philips Hue app with 30 scenarios and copy light colors from your photos

New Philips Hue app with 30 scenarios and copy light colors from your photos

The long-awaited Philips Hue update is available, both in the App Store and on Google Play. The application for the management of smart lights has been completely revolutionized, both from a graphic and a functional point of view. Now, the application offers new ways to control lights, which becomes even smarter.

Home lighting becomes even smarter with the new Philips Hue application update available for free download on iOS and Android. Improved regulation of individual lights and room lighting, including 30 new colored light scenes, selected by Lighting designers.

Philips hue app, iPhone X photos with philips Hue app

Thanks to new color pickers and 30 new light settings that can adapt to any mood or preference, you can get a better user experience. The new graphical interface of the app, which completely changes its look, offers practical shortcuts that allow you to adjust Philips Hue intelligent lighting with a few, simple touches. For example, by long pressing on the command set for the configuration of the room or the individual lights, it is possible to change the color or set the last four scenes used.

Philips hue app, photos screenshots philips hue update

In addition, the new color selection function of the Philips Hue app allows you to transform home lighting in an even more immediate way, offering new color pickers now on the palette: from here it will finally be possible to group and separate the lights in a room, easily choosing the tone exact white or colored light desired.

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The application also includes 30 new scenes, carefully selected by Philips Lighting lighting designers. With a simple touch, it will be possible to enjoy a sunset in Honolulu or an evening in the Soho district of London, combining the lighting with your mood. Updating the application then allows you to create your own personal settings, for example by extracting the main colors from your favorite photos and applying them intelligently to the lights, thus giving life to the images.

Philips Hue can be downloaded for free from here for iOS devices, while the Android version is available at this address. For the purchase of single lights or smart lighting kits, we refer you to the Amazon pages that present different offers in this period: for every 120 euros spent 40 euros of free voucher.