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New News Feed Facebook: back to basics, but punishes companies

New News Feed Facebook priorities to people

The new Facebook news feed arrives: it wants users to be happy and returns to its origins giving priority to people, but punishing publishers and brands

Here comes the new Facebook News Feed, the news and posts we see entering the social network change. Facebook has modified the algorithm that decides what we see when we consult our facebook profile, in short it changes what we see.

New News Feed Facebook a 2 year job

Over the past two years, Facebook has often optimized its news feed-related algorithms to provide relevant and interesting stories to users and now everything is going to change even more profoundly, as Facebook has announced that there are big adjustments ahead of it reach for his new news feed. In the coming months the platform will begin to give in the Facebook news feed the priorities for the people we care about most, as friends and relatives, instead of company stories or videos. Users will probably react positively to this change, but advertisers who rely on Facebook to increase their traffic will not benefit, indeed …

New News Feed Facebook priorities to people

Here comes the New News Feed Facebook, the goal to prioritize people

Zuckerberg on the new Facebook Feed News: priorities for people to make users happy

In a blog post, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that the goal of the new Facebook news feed is to ensure users feel happy when they are on the sitsocial, something that is easier to accomplish if viewing images of children rather than news articles on investigations on Russia.

At the birth of Facebook, the focus simply fell on the communication between friends, but in the last two years it started to actively promote media content in users' news feeds and it was something that Facebook had to do to keep people on the site for a while of longer time and, of course, give the social network a solid source of additional revenue.

With new news feed Facebook returns to the roots

For better or worse, the platform quickly became a primary source of information, but, while it may have helped it to grow in terms of business and also to make it become the most powerful social network, with over 2 billion monthly active users, it has also marked a gradual departure of the company from its roots. By focusing on the interactions between friends and family, Facebook simply returns to its origins. The latest changes to news feeds are attributed to recent user feedback, to what people have said: that the posts of companies, brands and media are taking away space from the "personal moments that lead us to connect more each other with the other". This is the official reason given by Mark Zuckerberg: less space for companies, as users ask us.

Less news, more interactions

Facebook hopes that by eliminating part of the noise generated by the media and by the azoende presneti on Facebook and favoring more interpersonal connections, users will be less stressed. "Research shows that strengthening our relationships", said Zuckerberg, "It improves our well-being and our happiness".Zuckerberg also added that although he expects that the amount of time people spend on Facebook may decrease, he believes that keeping users in good spirits will be better for both the business and the community in the long term, but he has not said how , exactly, it will happen to us. It seems that Facebook's fear of fact is that, while users now end up spending more time on the site, the negative atmosphere could eventually cause them to move away from the platform, so the new Facebook news feed arrives, to make sure that people always see something familiar by entering the social media.

The new news feed against fake news

Even though news articles or news feeds will appear on the new feed from time to time, Facebook has made it clear that, from now on, priority will be given to the content of friends, family and groups you belong to. This move a blow to publishers who built their strategy on Facebook.

Of course, it's no secret that Facebook is still under scrutiny for its de facto role in Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election; On the other hand, Facebook has become the preferred platform for sponsored trolls to spread misinformation and dubious advertising, as part of a fierce and successful campaign designed to weaken American democracy and encourage hostilities. Last year, Facebook revealed to Congress that over 126 million users were exposed to such content in preparation for the elections, in what was a blow even to Facebook's reputation.

New news feed to save Facebook's reputation

Although Facebook does not say that this is the main reason for the change, it is not difficult to imagine that what happened in 2016 helped to reshape the news feed. Less negative articles and more positive and personal posts could create a healthier community, although it remains to be seen whether the changes will actually help prevent other problems, but at least make Facebook feel less like a media company, something that it continues to claim not to to be, despite evidence to the contrary.

Active experience and live video in the new Facebook news feed

"Some news helps start conversations about important issues," said Zuckerberg, "but too often, today, watching videos, reading news or getting an update from a page just a passive experience." The problem that the social CEO points out not exclusive to Facebook,

Zuckerberg also stated that his team found that users interact more with live videos than normal ones, suggesting, perhaps, that publishers should focus more on that kind of content in the future.

Another by-product of this choice that Facebook will now be able to push Watch, its original video content platform, where it has more control over the type of material its users are viewing. Coincidentally, there have been reports that the company appears to be willing to invest $ 1 billion in TV shows, hoping to rival competitors like Amazon and Netflix in developing original programs.

The reasons for the new Facebook news feed

Ultimately, Facebook wants users to be happy, even if happiness apparently comes at the expense of revenue and to the detriment of publishers who have invested in Facebook.

"We are losing hope," said a Facebook media partner regarding the changes that are being applied to the News Feed. For years, it seemed that Facebook had prioritized publishers and brands over its users, but now it seems like it's changing strategy; as usual, there will always be someone unhappy about the change.