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New Macs in England. 2

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New Macs in England. 2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The keynote has just finished and we try to visit the Apple Center in Bristol which we have already mentioned. We enter and in the bare show room stand a Titanium and a new iBook. We are about to go dejected, also for the squalid conversation between the seller a potential buyer of the Titanium (incidentally the customer asked if there was software for managing the agenda and the seller insisted with Outlook: we intervened pointing out that it was PalmDesktop software pre-installed … the seller looked at us in a flash, but perhaps he won a customer), … dinners we are about to go, we said, when we notice a PowerMac 6500 put sideways to cover a G4. We approach and, surprised by the surprises, behind the old computer we recognize the new G4. We just have time to look at the back and read "Assembled in Ireland", when the same seller as before, the one with whom the love / hate relationship had just established, approaches us saying that that part of the showroom is not open to public. We leave, not before stealing a photo from outside through the window. As announced by our source, the new Macs were already ready in the warehouses of British retailers. How are things in Italy?

(By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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