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New Logitech mice

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Logitech presented today for the American market a new series of mice with innovative design and colors.

On the three control devices studied, says the press release, to provide users with precision and control.

All three models are characterized by one of the most precise optical movement tracking systems on the market today. The processor behind the mice allows an immediate response. The sensitivity guaranteed by the resolution at 800 dpi that allows you to scroll even the largest screens effortlessly.

The top model the MX700 characterized by the wireless control system; the mouse charging module also works as a transponder and the included battery guarantees a full-day charge of use without the need to recharge the battery. Note the eight control buttons and the ergonomic and innovative design. The data transmission speed, says Logitech, is in fact the same as a USB connection

Of the other two models, the MX500, shares the same design as the top model but does not have wireless control; the MX300 only has two buttons.

Logitech underlines the long study in technology and ergonomics used in the development of the characteristics of the MX models.

All mice, in addition to Windows systems, are compatible with Mac OS 8.6 and above, including Mac OS X.