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New iOS 7.1 feature that uses car speakers for navigation

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<p dir=In other posts we have listed a series of news and the main features included in the recent release of iOS 7.1, now we want to highlight a feature that has not been highlighted so far, the addition of "HFP Prompt"In the app Map on your iPhone.

To enable HFP Prompt on your Apple device allows you to improve the browsing experience inside your car, using the application Map. With this function you can connect your iPhone to the speakers of your car, even if the device is not selected as an audio source. This means that it is possible to listen to music playback on the in-built car audio system, and contextually have navigation services from your iPhone. Previously, you had to ensure that your iPhone was connected and selected as an audio source to listen to navigation on the car speakers, sacrificing the use of radio stations or listening to a CD.

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<p dir=The option to enable HFP Prompt available only if you are connected to your car's Bluetooth system, and if your car supports HFP, or Bluetooth Hands-Free profile. The option visible on the "voice navigation" screen which can be accessed by pressing the audio button at the bottom right.

So with the profile HFP,now it is possible to connect the iPhone to the car radio via Bluetooth without sacrificing the functions of the car radio itself.