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New iMacs, step in the right direction

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The new iMacs meet two primary Apple needs: to become more aggressive on the market and simplify the line by giving consumers what they are looking for. This is the basic philosophy that Apple has tried to pursue with the expected refresh of the consumer range announced today.

The confirmation comes from some hot interviews released by Greg Joswiak, head of Apple's hardware products. “The problem on our part – what Joswiak tells C / Net – was what do our customers want? The answer focused on two products and at that point we concentrated on them making them more accessible from an economic point of view ".

Joswiak then clarifies that the significant price difference between the 15-inch and 17-inch iMac justified by the equipment and is implemented to "avoid confusion and overlap" in terms of price and performance.

Apple's hardware manager also clarifies that model 17 was specifically designed to meet market demand "There has been more demand for model 17 than all other consumer products – says Joswiack – and the second most requested model was the Combo" . For this reason, Combo and iMac 17 have remained the only products on the list among the iMacs.

The DVD burner, Apple explains, is currently one of the main reasons for updating so that those who choose to change computers in 50% of cases switch to a model with a DVD burner. Joswiack points out that this need is met by both iMacs and eMacs, which are prized and now cheaper than they were previously, are designed to offer DVD burning at the cheapest possible price.

Analysts who were the first to comment on Apple's choices admit that the fall in prices is a correct choice in the current economic context and for the purposes of Apple, which increasingly intends to compete with the Windows world.

“Apple is moving in the right direction – says Tony Duboise of ARS – to stay in the running you have to decrease prices and increase performance. This is what they do in Cupertino "