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New GRM Tools RTAS plug-ins for Pro Tools Digidesign

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GRM Tools ST the name of the new bundle of plug-ins in RTAS format, and therefore only usable with Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools TDM, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools Free. Based on advanced FFT technology, these plug-ins are designed for use in the field of mastering, sound design and post-production. The plug-ins are:

– Contrast: it is possible to add “vivacity” and depth to the recording, making it more brilliant also by changing the timbres, thus revitalizing old recordings

– Equalize: a 31 band graphic equalizer

– FreqWarp: through this plug-in you can completely rearrange the spectral components of a sound in a totally personal and free way, obtaining something completely original and distant from the initial sound

– Shift: allows "Scale" operations to transport the tonality of a track without altering its duration or speed

The list price of the GRM Tools ST bundle is $ 549 USD, while the price for each plug-in purchased separately is $ 249.

[By Daniele Volpin]