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New gestures for iPhone Os 3.2 beta

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New gestures for iPhone Os 3.2 beta –

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It is easier to access some gestures in the new version of the iPhone OS operating system. Beta 3.2, according to what some American sites such as 9to5Mac show, rummaging through the code are at hand functions such as three consecutive taps and a pressure of an element for a long time; it should be noted that these are not absolute novelties since they are used by the OS (for example, the prolonged pressure used to rearrange the icons or the copy and paste), but their location makes them more easily available even for developers.

At the moment it is not clear how, if and when these new gestures will be implemented. They could appear in iPhone Os 3.2, or in version 4.0 or perhaps be introduced only on iPad.

Recall that iPhone Os 3.2 currently in its fourth beta, released yesterday evening. Among its functions prepare the release of iPad.

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