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New free effects for iMovie from Virtix

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New free effects for iMovie from Virtix – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Virtix Sample Pack 2.0 is available immediately: the package contains 6 free effects that are integrated directly into the iMovie interface. Version 1.0 contained the effects "Extreme Black and White", "Flame" and "Letterbox", in the new version in addition to checking the outlines of the images generated in the black and white filter, there are 3 new features: "Dream Border", "Glint" and "Virtix Soft Focus."

"Dream Border" adds a white "cloud-like" border around the images, "Glint" adds a glow of light at a point of your choice and "Virtix Soft Focus" gives your video a soft or "hazy" look distinguishing itself from the original Apple effect (soft focus) because it maintains an unfocused portion of the original image.

Virtix Sample Pack 2.0 for iMovie is available immediately for download from the Virtix website and works with iMovie 2.0.1 for Mac OS 9 and iMovie 2.1 for Mac OS X.

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